• Open source tools

  • tromino

    Tromino is a tool pluggable between Mattermost (or Slack) and anything you want to monitor.

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    Asynchronous and online agile daily stand up tool meant for small team and offering a way to give daily information about what teammate are going to do, and what have been done.

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    An innovative tool to vote and share links. Plugins allow to publish the best links via email / blog / social networking. Ideal for managing a technological watch for a team.

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    Technowatch is an RSS feed that contains :

    TOP 10 elements of hackernews
    TOP 10 elements of producthunt
    Trending github repositories

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    A single page application, including all activity feeds you regularly check: email, RSS, Facebook, scheduler, IoT stuff (ringbell, coffee, alarm, ...), access log to your server, status update on a delivery...

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    IP whitelisting configuration generator

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    Pickle pRick

    A vulnerable web application to explain and illustrate deserialization of untrusted data with Pickle.

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  • Private projects

  • Seald

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    flashr is a brand new and addictive apps enabling you to compete your life through your picture. You can either be a competitor, or if you don't want to share any picture, just judge flashs of others.


    A "Software-As-A-Service" project, intended for real estate agencies in order to create a mobile application for iPhone and Android that offer to their client a listing of property for sale or rent. The project also offered services in order to connect the application to the software used by real estate agencies.


    A scholar project built in 2010 (to freshen up memory, last Android version was 2.2 and an up-to-date iPhone was iPhone 3GS). It aimed to suggest users dedicated coupon-code according to their geolocation. The project was a success in Rhônes-Alpes, France and Annecy, France location, but was never launched widely.