• Introducing Technowatch

    ven. 22 mai 2015 Dan Lousqui

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    This days, I'm a lot into news aggregation (Wait for it, Shaarlhot, ...). And I found that there are a lot of website that I often check. For example:

    And the specificity of those website is that "new" items are not ordered by date, but popularity.

    My technological watch is mainly based on RSS technology, and not chronological data can't be used on something based on RSS.

    So in order to follow those websites with RSS, I made a script that periodically scrap those website for new items (in the top 10, or in the whole list), and add new items in a feed.

    An example can be found here (or in feedbucket if your browser shows some noise ...)

    The script is entirely open source, and you can get in on github: TheBlusky/technowatch.

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